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We are a company of Specialist Communications Contractors and Engineers for Voice and Data Cabling Systems, Door Entry & Access Control Systems from PAXTON ACCESS. We are the equivalent of Electrical Contractors and Engineers and we supply and install cabling for voice, data and fibre networks. Any bespoke, generic or proprietry system can be designed and installed into the fabric of any existing or new premises by our company. We have been established since 1993 and our staff have been in this field for most if not all of their working lives and have therefore seen all cabling systems of all types over the evolution of voice and data systems.

We have extensive experience and also specialise in installations in some of the Co-location and Co-mingling sites or PoP's for some of the major players in the voice traffic and broadband internet markets.

Lantel are actively involved in the moves and changes process for organisations who relocate systems and staff regularly within building and /or campus environments, providing the resources and skills to carry out the changes with the minimal fuss or downtime to the business, exacting results which control 'risk'.  

We also market and sell 48V DC power systems for voice and data application hardware.

We mainly specialise in cabling systems for voice, data and fibre networks within buildings and also Moves and changes processes for organistaions that move around the office a lot and rely on good reliable contractors to take care of the hassle of relocating staff and their services around buildings. 

Under the ‘Services’ and ‘Products’ sections above, there are a variety of offerings to wet your appetite and hopefully engage us to assist you with your next project, for which in return, we will deliver assured workmanship and quality of service to exceed your expectations and build a reliable and trusting relationship.

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