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Door Entry & Access Control

Lantel are Registered installers of PAXTON ACCESS, a range of market and class leading products designed for the various access options into buildings.

These can be installed in residential or commercial buildings or just about any building that has an entrance and a door or series of doors.

There is Net 2 Plus, a very powerful PC based Access Control unit with TCP/IP conncetivity.

Net 2 Nano is the same system version using secure wireless communication.

Net 2 Paxlock is a system which replaces you door handle and makes it a secure accessible device via a token or proximity card.

Net 2 Entry is a colour touchcreen door entry system using the latest IPv6 software.

These can be installed as standalone, as a network via IP or as full wireless devices, where power is difficult to deliver.

See the attached electronic pdf's for full details of these innovative products.,0,0,0,0,V2VL,59F5NL,2K739,1

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