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Communications racks and enclosures are the industry standard unit for server room and comms rooms applications. 

The floor standing versions are used to house servers, data and communication equipment and cabling component patch panels via a 19” universal fitting.
These items are all designed to fit into the 19” frames within the racks, which are available in many sizes and styles.

There are also smaller wall mounted versions for much smaller jobs and applications.

The racks come in many different styles, colours and sizes, some of which are as follows:-

Heights measured in ‘U’ ( 1U = 44mm) -  21U , 27U , 39U , 42U , 45U , 47U.

Floorstanding footprint sizes in mm  -  600 x 600 , 600 x 800 , 800 x 1000.

Wallbox sizes in ‘U’  -  6U , 9U , 12U , 15U , 18U.
Wallbox depth size in mm  -  400 , 450 , 500

Colours  –  Goose grey , Dark grey, Beige.


For special applications there are also 21” ETSI versions commonly used in the telecomms industry.



This image displays a raft plinth type product for cabinets in computer rooms where the raised floor tile is still able to be removed when using this type of plinth



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