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DC Power
Many items of Telecomms and Datacomms hardware are powered with AC power and many items are also powered with DC power technology.

DC power for telephony especially, is not unusual, the domestic telephone line is powered by a - 48V DC circuit with AC ringing current sent down the line to ring the ‘bell’ or sounder. This technology is as old as Mr. Bell himself !

That’s enough of the historical interest!

The cabling systems designed for use with DC power are available in various types with the most popular being 6381Y tri rated and double insulated cables.

These cables offer flexibility and the current carrying capacity together with the relevant safety regulations being covered to ensure protection from the lectrical conditions required to power the equipment.

DC rectifier systems are often used to provide the necessary feeds to DC distribution panels and bars within cabinets and enclosures, which in turn provide a localised point to wire the equipment from, with all necessary fuse and MCB breaker ratings being carefully calculated.

These rectifier systems are available in large cabinet types and also in smaller 19” rack mount versions to provide redundant and resilient designs via chassis based systems with IP interfaces and shutdown options for the interoperability of your network equipment.

Bespoke panels can also be produced and are available to suit a particular requirement or project that you may have.

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