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Fibre Optic Cabling

Fibre Optic cabling has been practised within the communications industry for many years, offering greater bandwidth opportunities over greater distances.

This technology is used by Telecomms operators to create metropolitan networks to link towns and cities and to link continents with trans continental links and undersea cables.


For building cabling networks and backbone links within local area networks the use of fibre optic cabling is critical to create the link between LAN/WAN Switches and when distance between wiring closets and data centres and/or buildings, exceeds the standard 90 metre limit for star wired copper RJ45 cabling, there is only one option for a physical link, Fibre !  




With many other benefits such as being resilient to electro magnetic induction and being very secure, fibre is relatively easy to install.


Many LAN, SAN and WAN network hardware items connect together with fibre.


Available in Multimode and Singlemode and in varying core sizes, there are also rodent resistant types for external duct applications.


Typical guide to choice of fibre type :





Expected bandwidth of link         Max. Distance                        Type


Up to 100 Mbps                          250m                          Multimode OM1

Up to 1 Gbps (LX/SX)             500/500m                        Multimode OM2


Up to 1 Gbps (LX/SX)             500/900m                        Multimode OM3


Up to 10 Gbps (SR/LX4)         300/300m                        Multimode OM3 


Up to 10 Gbps                             10km                        Singlemode OS1



The listing above shows some of the examples that are used to deliver a passive physical link to connect optical equipment to.


Many other types are available on request to suit your individual specification for distance and hardware requirements.


Available in pre-terminated versions and field terminated standard types.


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