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Moves and Changes

The process of ‘Moves and Changes’ within an organisation is a real testing task for any IT manager or facilities manager.


With network terminals, digital and analogue telephone extensions, not to name faxes and printers, this job requires expert planning in order to deliver the changes required, maybe across multiple floors and between various comms rooms.


For this task, we offer the attendance to your premises to survey and audit the particulars relating to the following:

  moves and changes

Staff Name


Current Desk

Extension Number

Phone Type

New Extension
New Desk

Current Data Port/Outlet

Current Voice Port/Outlet

New Data Port/Outlet

New Voice Port/Outlet

Voice Recording Channel


Department Code

Move Co-ordinator for the Company

Power Available/Needed



There are many items of data to collect as shown above, the extent and depth to which you would need to go would depend on the size and technical parameters of the systems and building layout.


This information is then formulated into a spreadsheet and issued to interested parties at a series of meetings, pre and post move.


The actual relocation of the hardware from desk to desk, is the choice of the customer. This can range from the IT department, the Facilities department, the IT Communications Contractor or for many companies the traditional choice is for a specialist removal company who carry out the physical transfers of the desking and personal effects in crates, as well as the equipment.


The specialist relocation of the data/voice connections, equipment and sundries is carried out by the IT communications contractor.


This can involve patching within the comms room(s), jumpering of PBX extensions, voice recording and LAN connectivity.


This is a specialist activity which we have been doing for some 15 years, giving us a wealth of experience of such tasks, making the whole experience for the customer a good one with excellent results, come the next business day following a move. 

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