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It is commonly accepted that Electrical Contractor’s compete and receive their fair share of the data cabling works on offer within a given project, especially installing the cables themselves whilst wiring the small power etc..fluke-tester.png

Some contractor’s have these works divided away from their main activity and therefore dedicate their own resource to these works and make a great success of the complete installation.

However, others struggle to cope due to shortages of skilled persons, lack of timescale etc. and this is where we would like to help.
Data cabling

We are very good at being a service that you can ‘hire in’ to do the final connections, terminating all the racks and cabs and the floor ports and also testing and labelling the finished job. 

We have many years of knowledge and experience and have all the necessary tools and test equipment to complete the most complex installations on your behalf including Voice, Data, Fibre and Telephony wiring, which in doing so enables you to concentrate on your main activities which are most important to you as your primary activity. 

We have seen all the various systems grow and become much of a much ness today.

The art of data cabling is not a black art or a science but the end product is important and must be able to function correctly without fault.

If in the future you have an enquiry for data cabling, please do not hesitate to ask for a quotation for the terminations and completion packages, available to assist with successful handover of network cabling systems.

We are Molex Premise Networks Approved and Connectix Cabling Systems Approved and also carry the latest Fluke DTX Analyser for testing Cat 6 and beyond. 

We also offer 10Gb solutions as well as the latest pre-terminated solutions where we simply turn up with the cable plant already laid out terminated to your customers’ requirements, simply installing the looms at the right moment and fitting them into the floor boxes for instance.

If we can be of assistance to your company please do not hesitate to contact me via Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it


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