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Voice Cabling

Telephone systems are interconnected with their handset instruments through many, many pairs of wires which carry the analogue or digital signals to communicate and connect one extension to any other extension via a ringing circuit.

voice cabling

Voice cabling is a very important discipline, whether for internal blockwiring, host links from the PBX to the structured cabling environment or for external links between buildings and campuses.


In today’s technological world most businesses will have a structured cabling system for their voice and data distribution.


Through the installation of CW1308/CW1308B voice grade cabling between the telephone system and the patching environment, it is possible to create flexibility, allowing voice extensions to be patched to any Cat5/6 outlet in a premises, as with the data system.


By installing CW1308B voice cabling via external duct routes, telephone extensions can be presented remotely from a PBX located up to 1km away.


Voice cabling for blockwiring purposes was the only choice only 15 years or so ago.

Quite rare today, this process uses multicore CW1308 cabling from a central TJF or MDF, which are installed to nominated distribution points where a DP will be installed to any number of line jack units ( LJU’s) for the telephone handsets to plug into.


The various types of cable and components available for the voice cabling service are as follows:-


CW1308    -  10 pairs through to 320 pairs

CW1308B -  10 pairs through to 320 pairs

Krone LSA Plus, strips connection, frames and DP’s


Voice Host Patch Panels

External Products

Internal Products

Jumpering Products


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